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Latinoamérica Sustentable (LAS), formerly known as the China-Latin America Sustainable Investment Initiative (CLASII), is a non-governmental organization established in Ecuador dedicated to environmental protection and respect for local communities rights in Latin America with a focus on Chinese investments in the region.

LAS conducts research, informs, develops advocacy tools, organizes  capacity building activities, and promotes exchanges and collaborations among social organizations in Latin America and other regions of the world.

We work in four areas:

  1. International financing: We promote the establishment and implementation of high-quality environmental and social governance frameworks and policies in the Chinese banking sector.
  2. Investments and projects: We monitor projects with Chinese participation in the region, mainly in the extractive, infrastructure and energy sectors.
  3. Chinese Guidelines and Policy Documents: We analyze, share, and demand the implementation of environmental and social policies, guidelines, and regulations issued by Chinese institutions that impact Chinese activities abroad.
  4. Building Bridges: We aim to build bridges between China and Latin America so that all parties work towards environmental protection and respect for local communities rights. LAS conducts research to learn about the latest developments on environmental and social governance in the public sector, academia, and social organizations in China.